Focus on Architecture: Story Behind the Photo

We will be highlighting winning photographs from 2008 during the next few weeks, along with the story behind the photo. This week’s photo was taken by Tais Melillo at the Thirteen/WNET television studios in Chelsea and was selected as a winner in the Exteriors category.

View of the Railyards

View of the Railyards

“Unlike last year, this year I wasn’t going to be able to see much of OHNY due to other commitments. I tried to register for sites such as the High Line and it was sold out.  So, I thought to myself that I needed to visit at least one place that I hadn’t been to before, and found that Thirteen would be a great idea, specially because of the write-up, which said ‘a view of the Penn Railyards’.

It was a great tour of the studios mixed with the story of Thirteen, etc.  When our tour was about to wrap up and no mention of the view, I asked if we could see the railyards.  Our guide then took us graciously through their office space to the windows facing west.  Mind you, I thought it was a terrace, but no matter, it was a great view and I managed to make this image. As someone who loves architecture and the city itself, it was very rewarding to see the railyards from that vantage point.”


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