Field Trip Friday: City Winery Tour

Last Friday, the OHNY staff headed down to the City Winery in SoHo to tour NYC’s very first fully operational winery.  Founded by Michael Dorf who is a passionate wine maker and connoisseur himself, the City Winery not only provides a unique urban wine-making experience but also functions as a live music venue and restaurant (specializing in, of course, wine pairings). The tour led us into the room where (during the season) New Yorkers are invited to participate in the wine making process and concluded downstairs in the cellar, where privately owned barrels were aging.

An interesting fact — City Winery has adapted the MTA transit system to a good use, where the vibration from the subway trains help churn and ferment the grapes in the barrels!

City Winery interior

Wine making


Wine barrels


City Winery
155 Varick Street, New York, NY


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