Focus on Architecture: Story Behind the Photo

We will be highlighting winning photographs from the 2010 Focus on Architecture competition during the next few weeks, along with the story behind the photo. This week’s photo was taken by Sheryl Drinkwater at the Old Croton Aqueduct and was selected as a winner in the Interiors category.

I have become obsessed with the Croton Aqueduct ever since my first OHNY about 6 years ago.  I have attended every tour OHNY offers, joined Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct and this year, attended my first Aquefest Festival in Westchester County. Being able to go into the aqueduct was a definite high-point of my annual trip to New York for OHNY (I live in California).  The photo was taken on a Canon EOS Rebel T1i under incandescent lights hanging from the portion of the aqueduct that is open for viewing.

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