A Place That Still Inspires Wonder

2008 Woolworth Building event, courtesy of Jeffrey Donenfeld

Dear Friends of openhousenewyork,

As the principal of an elementary music school, I feel architecture and design have been the roads not taken for me. OHNY has provided me with an opportunities to stay engaged with architects and designers and speak with them about their work in New York and around
the world.

Over these past eight years, I have been able to see so many wonderful, dream-like places through OHNY from the Gothic tower of the Jefferson Market Library to the glittering grand staircase of Diane von Furstenberg’s studio in the Meatpacking District.

In addition, there are so many institutions that I discovered through OHNY’s listings that I experience throughout the year, such as the Institute of Classical Architecture on 44th Street and the public programs at the Brooklyn Public Library in Prospect Heights.

I donate every year because we want to continue to support something that is more than an annual event — it is an ongoing shared experience that makes thousands of New Yorkers feel every day that we live in place that still inspires wonder.

OHNY opens doors for people like you and me, from all backgrounds– and they need your help. Please join me in supporting openhousenewyork and the work that they do and make your gift today.

Thank you,

Franklin Headley


1 Response to “A Place That Still Inspires Wonder”

  1. 1 Kelly Price 3 January 2011 at 1:06 pm

    So glad to hear that OHNY has given you the chance to discover the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America and many other great institutions throughout New York!

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