Field Trip Friday: Tara Donovan’s Drawings (Pins) at Pace Gallery

Last Friday, OHNY staffer Hae-In went to the opening reception of Tara Donovan‘s new show, Drawings (Pins), at the Pace Gallery’s West 25th Street location.

crowd at the opening for Drawings (Pins)

Donovan is known for her creation of magnificent large-scale sculptures out of everyday objects such as plastic cups, pencils, toothpicks and Band-Aids. Her latest series, Drawings (Pins), focused on her metallic “canvases” which are made up of tens of thousands of dress-maker nickel-headed steel pins. The show features over 12 works ranging from 36 to 96″ squared, and a diptych measuring 72 x 145″ overall installed.

Untitled work by Tara Donovan

Their appearance changes depending on the amount of light hitting each pin, as well as the angle of the viewer, creating shifting optical perceptions and moods.

Drawings (Pins) show

With these new drawings, Donovan took a different approach and “rather than using material as ‘the vehicle for making a drawing’ through creating an impression,” as she has with many of her site-conditional biomorphic works, she “employs the material as the mark itself.” The circular forms in the piece above call to mind the artist’s work with paper plates and more recently, with mylar.

view of pins

This time, Donovan determined a composition prior to the work’s creation and brought it into realization through mark-making.

close up of pins

Her concept for the pin drawings evolved from a pin matrix that the artist created for relief prints, produced by Pace Editions in Fall 2010, and the process is very different from many of her other works, such as those made with fractured glass.

Drawings (Pins) show

Donovan received the MacArthur Foundation “Genius Award” in 2008, the first annual Calder prize in 2005 and has had numerous solo shows at major institutions.

The show, accompanied by a catalog with an essay by T. D. Neil, Executive Editor at The Drawing Center, will be up through March 19, 2011.

The Pace Gallery
534 West 25th Street, New York, NY


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