Field Trip Friday: Pier Glass Studio

A recent adventure to Red Hook led OHNY to Pier Glass, an artisan glass studio and shop at the Beard Street Warehouse. Specializing in custom work and architectural glass design, Kevin Kutch and Mary Ellen Buxton run the full service studio that offers a diverse range of work. Some of their specialties include architectural glass design, lamp working, fusion and slumping, and metal work.

walking to Pier Glass

The husband and wife team, who are both originally from Colorado, met in college while studying art. Kutch later picked up glassblowing, which was an easy transition from his background in sculpture.  In 1991 the couple moved to Brooklyn when he became studio director of Urban Glass, a nonprofit studio.

In 1992, the Port Authority sold Red Hook’s deteriorated, Civil War era Beard Street Warehouse pier and after some repairs more than 40 businesses moved in, including Pier Glass.

studio window in Beard Street Pier

The warehouse is home to an exciting array of small businesses. Beard Street Pier has become an artist community, with glass blowing studios, woodworking shops, custom cabinetry makers, print makers, photographers, and artist’s workshops in the neighborhood.

The area has recently undergone new development, most notably the Brooklyn Ikea and it is now accessible via the water ferry from Pier 11 to Ikea’s dock in Red Hook.

inside the studio

In the studio, Kevin blows glass and Mary Ellen bends and fuses it. The couple also work on commissions for designers and architects, restoration and reproduction work for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and art-glass display items for galleries across the country.

glass pieces

The beautiful, lustrous, and colorful pieces they create include beads, bowls, kiln-formed woven sculptures, holiday ornaments, perfume vials, and vases.

painted glass globes

Kevin also explained how the painted glass globes are created, above. After a glass sphere is created, the artist paints the outside with details, and then encases it in another layer of glass. She then paints that layer and keeps adding, until it forms a multi-layered image.

glass work

In addition to their own handiwork, the studio also offers classes like the “Glass Blowing Experience,” where participants are able to blow their own glass with guidance from the owners, which has gotten rave reviews.

The Pier Glass studio is not to be missed, with its awe-inspiring pieces and friendly owners!

Pier Glass
299 Van Brunt Street, Suite 2A
Brooklyn, NY 11231


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  1. 1 Structural Glass 13 April 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Really like these! they look great!

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