Meet OHNY’s new Program Coordinator: Jailee Rychen

Jailee at Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Welcome to Jailee Rychen, OHNY’s new Program Coordinator!

Jailee hails from Chicago, where her interest in architecture and design began. She has lived, studied and worked in many different cities, including Dublin, London and Sydney, just to name a few!

No stranger to New York, she received her Masters degree in Museum Studies at New York University and has worked at a variety of arts non-profits including Ludlow 38, The Jewish Museum and the Guggenheim.

And she is excited to be moving to Long Island City with her husband, who is an architect (and cat!).

A Few Fun Facts About Jailee:

–  loves to play bingo

–  is a strong advocate for Vegemite

–  her first job was calling balls and strikes as an umpire for little league baseball

– recently rescued and adopted a kitten while on vacation in Turks & Caicos

Contact Jailee at


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